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Prevent injuries from dangerous Australian snakes

Brown Snakes / Tiger Snakes / Black snakes / Dugites / King Brown Snakes / Death Adder / Copperhead Snakes / Red Bellied Black Snake /

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions you may like answered.

Q. What is the difference betwen the Super Pulse Sentinel Q repeller and the older multi pulse repellers.

The Sentinel Q Repeller is a complete redesign , with completly different operating mechanism, giver a longer stronger pulse, with increased range and effectiveness

much quieter - the older units were quite noisy, (snakes are deaf!) It is a dual battery unit both housed in a water tight compartment in the head section -more storage capacity, in case of incliment weather.

Q. What area does each Sentinel Snake Repellent unit protect?

Each Sentinel Q snake repeller unit will cover a circle of 20 metres radius, that is 20 metres out in all directions from where the unit is placed, a total area of approx 1250 sq metres. You get a large circular area of coverage 40 metres across. So they can be spaced 40 metres apart for optimum coverage.

Q. Will it affect my Horses and Dogs?

NO. The snake repeller will not affect any other animals, birds or fish. The repellers are used by many of our customers to protect their valuable animals without any adverse affects whatsoever. They will not chase away lizards.

Q. Will it keep away other pests?

NO. These specially designed snake repellent units are for repelling snakes only. Their internal circuitry and signal generator are set to produce a unique pulse that will be felt by snakes triggering their retreat instinct. They are not intended to repel anything else and to our knowledge they only affect snakes.

Q. Will the Sentinel Q Snake Repellers keep snakes away from my dog runs?

If you place some Sentinel snake repellers around the outside of the area where your dogs are they will certainly help to keep snakes away from your dogs.

Q. Are the Sentinel Q Snake Repellers difficult to install, will I have to get somebody in, to place them?

The snake repellent units are very east to install, simply plug together a connector and place into the ground, if you make a small hole with a crowbar first then push the unit into it - easily done in minutes.

Q. Do the snake repellent units need to be in full sun?

No. The snake repellent units will operate perfectly well even in partial shade as long as they have some sunlight each day. To keep the unit fully charged so it will operate all night.

Q. What maintenance is normally required?

Very Little! An occasional wipe of the solar panel to clean off any dirt, in winter we suggest that you take them out and store indoors in areas of cold - heavy snow districts, in warmer districts the snake repellent units can be safely left in place all year round.

Q. Will fences affect how the Snake repellers work?

No. The Sentinel Snake Repellers signal will travel through the ground under fences, concrete paths, sheds and behind retaining walls to drive out any snakes that may be hiding underneath them.

Q. Do the Sentinel Q Snake Repellers work through water, to keep water snakes away?

Yes. The snake repellers' signal does travel through the water, and has been very successful at keeping many kinds of water snakes away, when placed at the waters edge or close to fishponds.

Q. How can I tell that the Snake repellent unit is operating correctly?

You can tell that the unit is working correctly, as when it generates the pulse it flashes the red led light..

Q. How long should the batteries last?

The Snake repellent units contain Two AA rechargable batteries, which should give you a minimum of one summers service, more likely to be 2-3 at least. In the event of them failing after time, the batteries are AA rechargeables that are easily changed and found in most hardware stores and supermarkets. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee exactly how long the battery will last. The solar panel runs the unit and recharges the battery; this is what runs the unit at night. Eventually the battery will loose its ability to hold a charge when this happens the signal will get weaker and at longer intervals, -it's easy to tell when its time to change the battery.

Q. What warranty do you provide?

The units come with our warranty. To replace or repair any faulty units. But we will do our best to assist if any units malfunction after time. We also carry some spares so if an accident happens please contact us and we will be happy to try and help fix any problem.

Q. Do you offer a money back Guarantee?

Yes - if you are dissatisfied with the units when you receive them, and you return them to us in an unused condition, within seven days - for overseas customers please advise that they are being returned by air within this period. When we recieve the returned units, we will issue a refund of the purchase price less 20% to cover our shipping and handling expenses.

Most of all we try to treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

If you have any other questions, We'd be happy to try and answer them for you.




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Prevent injuries from dangerous Australian snakes

Brown Snakes / Tiger Snakes / Black snakes / Dugites / King Brown Snakes / Death Adder

Copperhead Snakes / Red Bellied Black Snake / Rough Scaled Snake / Taipan / Whip snakes

Eastern Brown Snake / Western Tiger Snake / Black tiger Snakes


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